Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My After-Work Fantasy

This week has been rough.  I mean, REAL ROUGH.  And with this being only Wednesday, I need something that will sustain me.  Wine.  Wine will sustain me.

I was talking to Jay, and the conversation started getting lame, so I told him my after-work fantasy:

Me:  I have to go.  I have to get ready for a meeting from 3:00 til 4:00 and then one from 4:00 til 4:30.  Then I'm going to go home, get a bottle of wine, open it by banging the neck on the side of the counter, dump it into my mouth with the wine running down my cheeks and onto my shirt and everywhere.  And then I'm going to wipe my face with my forearm, slam the empty bottle down on the counter top and go do something crazy.  I dunno what, but it will be crazy.


Me:  No.  Not sex. 
(My "something crazy" was painting a picture with lots of red paint or sitting on the back porch reading a book until I contracted West Nile...)


  1. That's not exactly correct. I had said something about me setting you up, but then you ruined it.

  2. "Dammit" is the Reader's Digest version of what you said. If you try to correct my posts, I'll no longer allow you to read my blog. XO