Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Kid is my Awesome(er) Clone

So, the Kid 1 is great, but Kid 2 is a small, Awesomer version of me.  I couldn't be prouder, and Jay couldn't be more terrified.  This conversation says it all.


Me:  No.  Tell him you aren't his beer wench. 

Aubrey:  I'm not your beer wench.  What did you do with my play-doh?  

Jay:  I put it away.  Please go get me a beer! 

Aubrey:  I'm not your beer wench. 

Jay:  Fine.  Go get me a "soda" from the fridge.  It's in a green and grey can with a lime on it. (Lime-a-Rita.  Manly.  I know you ladies are jealous.)*

Aubrey:  Okay.  How 'bout you go get my play-do, then I'll go get you a"soda". 

Jay told her where to find the play-doh, Aubrey rewarded his good behavior with a Shiner Bock (even a four year old knows what men SHOULD drink.). 

Aubrey:  Here you go, daddy.

Me:  did you shake it up good for him?

Aubrey: *shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake*

Jay:  Noooooooooooooooooooo!

Me:  *evil laugh*


As I'm writing this, Jay showed up with his Lime-a-Rita.  He just hands me these things on a silver platter.

Jay:  *reading as I'm typing*. It wasn't a green bottle.  It was a green can, like this.  *Shows me his girlie drink.*

Me:  Seriously????  *type type type type type*

Jay:  Are you calling me out in your blog????

Me:  Yep.  *typing line about y'all being jealous*

Jay:  What?  I have low testosterone!  


  1. I have low Y'all need your own show. :)

    1. That's what I told him tonight. This household was made for reality tv.

  2. Lol I just read these last two blog posts and cracking up in the surgeon's office. You definitely need your own show!!

  3. Apparently U've never had a lime-a-Rita or straw-ber-Rita, they're 8% alcohol, almost twice what's in Shiner