Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OMG McDonald's

...I want my $0.69 back!  When I order a breakfast meal (sans meat for those of you who are wondering) and I substitute and orange juice for a coffee, I DO NOT want a GIGANTIC orange juice!  OMGOMGOMG!  Is this policy????

So the drive-thru lady and I had a (kind-of) conversation about it:

Me: Why am I getting this giant orange juice?  I just wanted a small.

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile*

Me: You don't know?  When people order breakfast and orange juice, do you automatically give them a medium?

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile*

Me: Doesn't it make sense to give me a small and not charge me extra?!  I don't want to pay $0.69 for orange juice that I'm going to just leave in the cup!

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile* I sorry. *double-shrug*

Me: Do you even speak Eng....grrrr.  Nevermind! 


I'm NOT lovin' it!