Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OMG McDonald's

...I want my $0.69 back!  When I order a breakfast meal (sans meat for those of you who are wondering) and I substitute and orange juice for a coffee, I DO NOT want a GIGANTIC orange juice!  OMGOMGOMG!  Is this policy????

So the drive-thru lady and I had a (kind-of) conversation about it:

Me: Why am I getting this giant orange juice?  I just wanted a small.

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile*

Me: You don't know?  When people order breakfast and orange juice, do you automatically give them a medium?

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile*

Me: Doesn't it make sense to give me a small and not charge me extra?!  I don't want to pay $0.69 for orange juice that I'm going to just leave in the cup!

DTL: *shrug* I no know? *gold-toothed smile* I sorry. *double-shrug*

Me: Do you even speak Eng....grrrr.  Nevermind! 


I'm NOT lovin' it!


  1. I feel that your expectation level was way to high for McDonalds. Perhaps you should stick to Star Bucks.

    1. ...said the Starbucks exec who left me an anonymous comment? haha. But you're absolutely right. I'll start posting my Starbucks woes, too, just to be fair.

  2. Um, shouldn't you be discussing your concern with the clown rather than a minion?