Saturday, December 20, 2014

Magical Chicken Noodle Soup

Note: I wrote this a while back, but I have more draft blogs than posted ones, so I'm using them to keep you (and me) entertained. 

I've been known to misuse the words "epic" or "magical" or even "amazing", but this is not the case here.  You'll see why...

I also don't dabble in the "Dark Arts" at all ever, but somehow I made a MAGICAL chicken noodle soup the other night.  No, really. 

It was one of those nights where I didn't know what to make, so I came home, stared at the contents of my refrigerator, and settled on chicken noodle soup.  No recipe.  No expectation of it turning out delicious. 

So, the family sat down to their steaming bowls of soup (which I did not eat - that's how I can confirm that it's magical.  You'll understand in a minute.), and ate.  My little one had one bowl, my older daughter had two bowls, and my husband had three bowls.  Some amalgamation of the stories of The Three Bears and Little Black Sambo has popped into my head, but anyway...

Next thing I knew, both kids were asleep before bedtime, and my husband was passed out on the couch.  I was the only person awake at 8:00pm.  **Magic** is the only explanation.  That. Never. Happens.  The dogs were bugging me, and I considered feeding them some to see if they'd also go away and fall asleep, but I decided against that. 

You know you want the recipe, so here it is with pictures of all of my magical ingredients. 

Disclaimer: If you don't make it exactly to the recipe, then you might not have the same results.  Even if you do, results may vary.

First, get your magical Rachel Ray stainless steel pot.

Make sure you have a magical bamboo spoon. 

Finally, gather the following magical ingredients.

Once you've done all of this, do the following exactly how I tell you - or there will be no magic.  Trust me.

Step one: Chop everything that is choppable except the noodles.  Spend as little time as possible doing this step. 

Step two: Drink a glass of wine.

Step three: Put everything but the noodles in the pot, cover, and let it cook until it's finished.  Season to taste.  

Step three-and-a-half: Refill wine glass.

Step four: Add noodles and let it cook until they're done.   

Step five: Serve. 

Wooden Spoon: Use to stir AND to threaten your children if they come in the kitchen to tattle ONE. MORE. TIME.

Bon Appetit!

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