Monday, July 9, 2012

The Birth of A Blog

People often tell me I should have a blog.  After a good story and about five minutes of laughing at my own anecdote (that's like laughing at your own joke, but on a highly intelligent level), someone will say, "You really should blog."    

I'd like to think that these friends recommend blogging because they want to read my hilarious anecdotes when it's too late to call my cell phone and get one "live", but, if I'm being completely honest with myself (and everyone reading this), it is likely just a 21st century way of telling me that I need therapy. 

Either way, a blog is born.  This blog does not have a theme like "Craftiness" or "My Amazing Family", although I'm both crafty-ish and have an amazing family.  You're likely to read about God then about Eddie Vedder; or, less predictably, my obsession with core strengthening (which at this point is more theory than practice) followed by my favorite yarn of the month; OR any combination of these topics in one mind-blowing blog post. 
To those who think I need therapy AND to my friends who share my same disturbing sense of humor: Thanks for the encouragement.  Here goes!

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