Monday, April 22, 2013

The Vegan Experiment - Day Two

Oh this freaking coffee!!!  How can my one-cup-per-day habit be causing me this much grief?!  I tried almond milk in my coffee on Day Two.  It didn't look yummy, but it actually cut the bitterness of the coffee...which I'm discovering is all I really "need".  It would do...but then I drove off without it.  Damnation.

My coffee-less morning led to a headachy afternoon.  I even had decaf iced tea at lunch (like a dummy).  Other than sodas (which I almost never ever ever drink) I don't know how else to get caffeine.  Once I got home, I realized I have decaf tea bags.  I guess I'll give up caffeine next?  Based on my actions and shopping patterns, I must subconsciously want to?  Ludicrous.

No coffee?  You trippin'!
I had the opportunity to browse some vegan websites and food lists...The food lists made my life easier-ish.  The "familiar" foods on the vegan list are either a) things I really shouldn't be eating: Lay's Potato Chips, Smucker's Marshmallow Icecream Topping, Single Serve Apple Pies, Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies or b) things that require cheese, eggs or milk to help make them an actual food: El Paso Enchilada Sauce, Hunt's Manwich Sauce, McCormick Bag'n Season Italian Herb Chicken (wtf,  Here is the complete list if you are interested:

My research also lead me to a most-unsavory element of veganism: Hidden animal by-products.  I mean, WHO looks up all of the ingredients they read?  Casein is a milk protein derivative.  Char or gelatine is an ingredient derived from animal bone (Gummy Bears/Worms/etc are NOT vegan).  Boo.

Here's how my Day Two looked on the plate:


Coffee - Oh, wait, dumbass forgot it on the table.
Wheat toast with peanut butter

What I said "no" to: Duh.  My coffee.


Farmer's Market Salad (hold the cheese) with Italian dressing
Pita bread - it was gross. 
Fruit I stole from my kids' lunches. 

What I said "no" to: Everything else at Sandy McGee's


Skinny Pop Popcorn (Try it, You'll like it)

Hummus (because it's yummus)


Lime Sweet Potato, black beans, and kale

What I said "no" to: Chicken wild rice soup

Two Days.  No chicken - Still alive and kickin! 

(Hahahahahaha...I'm going to laugh myself right out of this blog post on that one!)