Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Talk

I had to have the talk with my 7-year-old.  She's awfully young, and, to be honest, I never actually thought she'd ask.  Dumb, I know, because kids these days...*sigh*  I guess I have movies to thank. 

She spent the day with me at work today.  I basically shut her into my file room with her laptop and let her watch Twinkle Toes.  A movie produced by Sketchers.  Yes.  Sketchers shoes.
Hang on while I polish my Mother of the Year trophy.

That's where she learned about...555 numbers.

Anyway, here's how the talk went:

E: (running into my office) Mom! I need your phone!

Me: Why?

E: Ughhhhhh.  It's PER-SUH-NULL.

Me: No.  WHO are you going to call?

E: Mooooom.  Just let me handle my business. 

Me: Tell me who, and I will think about it. 

She showed me the number she wanted to call, and I must admit I did an amazing job keeping my composure...for, like, 3 seconds. 

I remember learning that 555 numbers were fake.  I am certain at some point during my childhood I tried to call and order something from ACME or chit chat with "Deej" from Full House.  Boy was I mad when I found out they were using fake numbers!  I mean, why would they do that?  Don't they want to talk to me???

Me: Who's number is that?  Twinkle Toes?

Call me!  555-0123!
E: Yes.

Me: Honey.  That's not a real number.  TV shows and movies use 555 numbers instead of real numbers. 

E: It's REAL, mom.  It is!  And I need to call her. 

Me: What are you going to tell her?

E: Lots of stuff.  We have lots to talk about. 

Me: It's not a real number, sweetie.  And have I told you how cute you are?  I love you.  Let me take your picture because you're so precious and I want to remember this moment forever.   

"For real, mom, I need to call her.  It's personal."

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