Monday, June 10, 2013

Yep, I said that to the Preacher's Wife

Let me start by saying, the preacher's wife is a pretty cool gal.  Well, she laughed at this conversation, so that makes her a pretty cool gal by my estimation. 

I was rushing to check that my kids made it to the nursery before church started, and I bumped into the PW.  It went something like this:

PW:  Good morning!

Me:  Good morning!  I have to make sure my kids made it to the nursery.  I let them go on their own, and I'm second-guessing that decision.

PW:  Oooh.  Yeah.  Good call.  You have...something...(pulling sticker off of my dress)...stuck to you.  Here you go. 

Me:  Great.  Now everyone will think I'm the church tramp...  

PW:  ??  What?  I didn't even see it... 

Both:  *laugh*

Oh those creative Sunday School projects...and my propensity to make inappropriate jokes from, well, just about everything including Bible verses...

***And now for my attempt at making this story end well.***

The kids are learning about the disciples this summer in Sunday School.  Last night, my four-year-old said, "The disciples are boring.  Except the one who walked on water with Jesus.  His name was Peter-Simon (Simon-Peter), and he was doing great until he took his eyes off of Jesus.  So don't take your eyes off of Jesus, or you'll drown."

Great job, Sunday School Teachers! 


  1. Thank You! We (SS Teachers) do our best to keep the word "real"... We will be giving the GIGGLES some play coins in little bags and then tax them by removing a coin for everything they want do do in SS that week to illustrate Matthew. They may all leave crying!!!

  2. I read a great idea somewhere. Teach kids about taxes by eating one third of their ice cream!