Friday, January 4, 2013

Depressing Day (not really, but I need a little drama in my life)

So, I've managed to make myself completely depressed today which sucks because the day started out soooo promising.  (I TOTALLY WON $10,000 fake dollars on my Jeopardy app before I even got out of bed.)

I got to Starbucks, and they didn't have the yogurt I wanted.  And the picture of the Spinach Feta wrap on their order board looked way more delicious than I know the real thing looks.  I wasn't in the mood for an ugly I skipped on breakfast.  Depressing.

Then, I got an email from Target telling me that my ho-hum business wardrobe was SO 2012.  I clicked the link (because who wants to be ho-hum or SO 2012), but they were just joking...they don't have non-ho-hum styles for plus sized women.  At this point, I started to look at skinny clothes and look forward to the day I'll wear them, but all of the models were standing like this.  I don't even want to be skinny anymore if it means I have to stand like that.  It's not adorable.  Depressing.

Then, I went to Panera with my friend.  I had a free pastry/cookie/treat on my Panera Rewards Card, so I go the Candy Cookie (that's "grown-up" for M & M Cookie).  I took it back to the office.  I ate it.  I looked up the calories after the fact.  Bad idea.  I think the cookie had more calories than my entire lunch.  Depressing. 

Then, I was thinking about my future.  My family's future.  I thought, "I'll throw together a spreadsheet to show a debt pay-off snowball so we can maximize our savings!" Such! A great! Idea! Not. Because after I realized that my student loan will be there forever, I decided to shift my focus to retirement.  I need $4M to retire at 65 according to my calculations.  I have, like, 30 years to do that, right?  So I put pen to paper to see how much I need to start putting away each month for retirement.  $4600.  For realz.  Depressing. 

So, I had to resort to a little Blog Therapy.  And in doing so, I rediscovered how rainbows are made, and that's all I needed to turn my frown upside down.