Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Crunchy Side

Thanks, readers, for that great vacation.  I needed it after a week straight of blogging.  Who knew it could be so tiresome?!  I had some great one-liners to post, but I figured you'd all get angry if you went to a cleverly titled post and just saw a picture and two sentences.  I'll keep notes so I can make one super-post of random things. 

Today, though, I've been inspired to introduce the world to my crunchy side.  Here's why: 
  • People used to see me smoking and say, "You don't look like a smoker" in the same way the look at me today, and think/say, "She doesn't look like a recycler."  So I just need to get it out there.  Full disclosure. 
  • There are other people like me...Let's call us in-the-closet-crunchies, or ITCC's for short...who WANT to shout it from the mountain top and who long to make a difference but don't for fear of being judged by our non-crunchy (or so we THINK) peers.
  • I long to make a difference.
  • I need to know who else is out there to name-drop in arguements with my husband.  Yes, we argue about recycling, cleaning products, composting, wearing all cotton, and stuff like that.  I know you wish you could live my life, but you can't, so don't ask. 
Without further ado, my crunchiness in pictures... 

My composter.  I'd totally get a tumbling composter if I had it to do all over again.  But, hey, it works!  Why should we compost?  Here are a few reasons that benefit your home and garden.  Also, landfills are filling up, and no one wants to live on garbage.  Of course, I've considered the whole Zombie Apocalypse, and what if people turn to landfills to find things to eat and water to drink?  And then I thought, That's rediculous...except for the water part...

My new Starbucks cup.  It's awesome, you save $.10 per cup of coffee, and they steam clean it each visit.  10 cups of coffee, and it's paid for itself.  But can you put a price on not putting another paper Starbucks cup and plastic lid in a landfill?  I can't!  Now if only I can find a time and place to drink my expensive coffee in my reusable cup while I knit or crochet in peace and freaking quiet...that would be a dream come true. Dream big people.  Dream big.  Speaking of knitting, I knit.  That's trendy-crunchy.  Who knew crunchy had categories?  This girl. 

Under my desk at work - My empty trashcan and my almost full recycle box.  It's catching on.  I have found a few other rogue recyclers at work.  Yea! 

Since we have so many rogue recyclers, I've formed a two-person committee to make the company greener.  Here is a gumball representation of how many times I've emailed office services about getting real recycle bins.  I'm happy to report we'll get them in the next couple of weeks.  Persistence pays off!

And the picture I know many of you have been waiting to see.  My deodorant stone.  It works!  "How do you know?  You can't smell yourself," you ask?  Well.  I'm happy to report that I've had a few friend test subjects confirm that I have no B.O. The test was never in a controlled environment, and usually wine was involved.  Oh well.  Here's how to use it.  That's not my video.  Can you believe the stuff you can find on YouTube?  Holy crap! And if you aren't crunchy, don't care if you get breast cancer and love throwing your plastic deodorant container in the trash, here's another reason to use it:  It costs $6-8 and lasts for 6 months to a year.  Hellooooo money savings! 

My beautiful reusable shopping bag.  Get them at Sam's, and you can get your whole week of shopping in two bags...for realz.  Raise your hand if you've wondered what's going to happen to all of the reusable shopping bags of the world one day?  *hand raised*  Thanks, Google, for leaving no question unaswered, kinda.  

Before I post my last mind-blowing picture evidence of my crunchiness, I'd like to also add that I keep a Netflix subscription just for the documentaries,  put stuff back on the shelf if it's not made in America, use all-natural cleaning products for the house and laundry, am a member of a organic produce co-op, and I am obsessed with homeopathic remedies - I recently treated my daughters infected, ingrown toenail with Epsom salt and tea tree oil.  Can you hear the crunch?  I thought so.  And you thought you knew me...

I've purposefully left out the parts about driving an SUV and eating fast food.  It's not because I want to, though. teehee.

And finally, for those of you who are still doubting my crunchiness, there's this.  Who can call himself or herself "Crunchy" without having been to an Eddie Vedder concert.  'Nuff said.  

Sure there are crunchier people out there, but I'm working hard to do my part to leave a smaller pile of trash behind...and a healthier bunch of kids and grandkids.  What if by all being more conscientious of the things that cause disease, our generation's legacy is not the fattest or the dumbest or the life spans shorter than our parents, but is the reduction of terminal diseases and a reversal of the destruction of the environment?  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE????  I want to get behind that!!!  Get out of the "closet" you ITCC's, and influence change!